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    Update time: 2009-08-21
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      You can bespeak all the books which are on show or borrowed by others.Only if you tell the librarian the contacting way,the librarian will inform you to come to borrow the book you has bespoken in time.

      Besides you can come to the first floor of this library to ask the librarian who is in charge of circulation to bespeak the book you want,you can also bespeak the book you want by enquirying the bibliography of this libarary on line.

      Contacting tel number:028-5229067    

      New Regulations For The Three Different Reading Cards     Borrower's card  Reader's card  Expense for the temporary reading 

      Counting money

      150 RMB per year       

      Document service expense

      70 RMB per year  40 RMB per year  one RMB per day 


      5 RMB per year  5 RMB per year    


      borrow 5 books a time,and the term is 2 months  read only in this library  read during that day only 

      comment on information

      Show your identification and send one cap-removed photo when deading with the card

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