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  • Apple Store has retrofurbished iPods
    Update time: 2009-08-21
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      Here's some fun nostalgia for Apple fans. TUAW points out an oddity discovered while perusing the Web recently: the Apple Store is currently selling the original iPod and the first-generation iPod Shuffle online.


    Apple first-gen iPod


      The original iPod, circa 2001, for sale now at

      They're refurbished, but it's unclear why Apple still has a backlog of the iPod model first introduced eight years ago and the original 4-year-old Shuffle model. But whatever the reason, you can buy one and it ships for free within 24 hours, according to the site.

      The original iPod, the kind with a black-and-white screen and the original physical scroll wheel that wasn't touch sensitive, is selling for $129. The site says it's a 5GB version, but Joachim at TUAW notes that he ordered it and was told they'd be shipping him the 10GB version instead. The Shuffle (unbelievably) is selling for $99. For that you can store a whopping 240 songs and wear it with the old-style lanyard around your neck--no built-in clip here.

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