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    Update time: 2009-08-21
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      "The world's scientific and technological research and development" by the Joint Division of the Office of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering Faculty of the work of the Department of Comprehensive Planning Bureau, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu Information Center co-sponsored, for the basic subjects of contemporary research and cutting-edge science and technology policy with all countries in the world of scientific research integrated management of international science and technology bi-monthly.

       We have "Members Forum", "21st Century Forum of young scholars," "science and technology and academic reviews," "Chinese and foreign scientific and educational institutions and high-tech enterprises," "science and technology policy, research management review and reporting", "research and development of the world Dynamic and comments ", such as fixed and non-fixed columns. In recent years, only to have the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Academy of Engineering more than 200 research papers in the journal publishes a total of more than 300 articles on the subject of development and play an important role in forward-looking. 

       And the journal publishes reports of basic research focused on the forefront of contemporary explorations, including energy, new materials, information technology and communications, biotechnology, aerospace, marine development, environmental protection, life sciences and emerging high-tech field of contemporary subjects, published at the same time on national science and technology policy and the management of scientific research articles. Our purpose is the "promotion of international academic exchanges, the development of a global scientific and technological cooperation, the transfer of foreign things complement each other, through science and education for sustainable development."

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