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    Update time: 2009-08-21
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      Chengdu Documentation and Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was established in 1958 as the southwestern library service system of CAS. After more than half a century’s innovative development, Chengdu Documentation and Information Center now possesses rich document & information resources and strong information service capability in the southwest China. At the same time, it is a qualified center of CAS for Sci-Tech novelty retrieval, a qualified sub-center of Sichuan province for Sci-Tech achievements novelty retrieval, a sub-center of China Science &Technology Network, a sub-center of CAS scientific data center and a Chengdu Mirror Host of National Science and Technology Library (NSTL). 

      The overall strategic position of Chengdu Documentation and Information Center is to construct a new knowledge service system, which aims to provide world-class information services and hence to support science and technology innovation by means of supporting decision-making, integrating into the research process and promoting the transformation of scientific achievements. 

      With the advantages of talents, state-of-the-art technologies and abundant information resources, Chengdu Documentation and Information Center is actively participating in information services in natural sciences, interdisciplinary fields, and high tech fields, for researchers and students of 18 institutions of CAS, as well as local governments, enterprises and institutions. It also conducts services such as information analysis, intellectual property research, digital library system development, information technology research and application. Until now, 19 achievements of Chengdu Branch have won 24 prizes on levels of State, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Provincial Ministries. It has published 25 academic monographs, and hundreds of papers and reports.  

      The functional divisions of Chengdu Documentation and Information Center are illustrated in the following diagram. 


      By the end of 2013, Chengdu Documentation and Information Center has over 90 staffs, including 32 senior researchers, 17 doctors, 2 academic leaders in Sichuan Province, 1 “Sichuan Outstanding Contribution Expert”, 4 experts who enjoy government special allowance, 1 member of Expert Evaluation Commission of National Science and Technology Progress Awards, 1 member elected as the first national patent information leading talents, and 1 member elected as the first national patent information teaching talents. Meanwhile, Chengdu Documentation and Information Center offers MS programs on library science and information science, as well as Ph. D program on information science. 

      By the end of 2013,Chengdu Documentation and Information Center has more than 20,000 Chinese and foreign language electronic journals, 250,000 foreign language books, 300,000 Chinese e-books, more than 200,000 foreign language dissertations, more than 1,000,000 Chinese dissertations, more than 2,200,000 printed literatures ,a large number of online reference books and patent documentation. Conference literatures, such as SPIE, IEEE, LNCS, are also included. Chengdu Branch also shares the documentation resources with NSTL. Besides, it has access to a variety of analysis tools and resource platforms, such as Thomson Data Analyzer, Thomson Innovation, Innography, and ISI Web of Knowledge. In addition,Chengdu Documentation and Information Center has developed many innovative services and tools, such as patent analysis online platform, intellectual property analysis model, and social network analysis model. 

      Furthermore, Chengdu Documentation and Information Center is actively engaged in international communication and cooperation through taking the positions in some international organizations and supporting the exchange programs on talented librarian training. Chengdu Documentation and Information Center is now a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and a member of Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). It has now established stable international academic communication relationships with foreign research teams from United States, Britain, Germany, Thailand, Russia, etc. 


      Contact information 

      Tel028-85224282                 Fax028-85220439           

      AddNo.16, South Section 2, Yihuan Road, Chengdu, Sichuan 610041, P. R. of China 


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